Building Blocks: Teaching our kids ‘space’

Building Blocks: Teaching our kids ‘space’

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An important part of raising capable, self-reliant children often comes down to how much we let them explore throughout their childhood. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean letting kids outside to explore. Luckily indoor fun can build the brain just as well, if not better, than a day filled with fresh air.

Exercises centered on allowing students to physically build things as a means of problem solving is important for their spacial knowledge, sequential thinking, and creativity. It’s also a form of applied learning, which only deepens a child’s understanding of math or science concepts they may have learned from a teacher, parent, or family member. It’s important we allow our children to personally engineer solutions to controlled problems on a psychological level too, because a child who feels motivated and able to solve small problems will eventually be able to face the one’s life will offer as they grow up.

It’s also been found that playing with tools and building blocks are a good way to teach your kids to fail, or that there may be more than one solution to any given problem. Those who grow up not understanding failure are more easily discouraged after an initial failure or negative experience, so this is arguably one of the most important lessons a child can learn early on.

Finally, exercises that begin with toys like building blocks tend to translate to more advanced technologies. This can lead a child to become a more savvy student when it comes to changing tech features and tools, as well as a greater willingness to incorporate changes into their lifestyle as they grow. It’s common for children exposed to technology to passively enjoy it—that is, watching shows or videos and possibly sharing them with others. But, many developmental scientists argue that encouraging children to actively use technology at their disposal to solve problems or accomplish goals will teach them higher engagement with the world around in them in the future.

And to think it could all begin with building blocks!

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