Concentrates On Education

Concentrates On Education

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As a new parent to my only child, I was very apprehensive about who will watch my son while I was at work. I met the directors at Maple Leaf Child Care Center and was shown around the facility and immediately felt comfortable with the staff and the care he would receive. I was impressed with the access to my son’s class, the daily reports I receive regarding all his activities for the day, the meal and snack choices, activities, help with transitions throughout toddlerhood, and cleanliness. There is always some type of activity going on that I can participate in. Maple Leaf concentrates on education which I am appreciative of. It’s important to have excellent communication regarding changes, illness, activities, school closings…Maple Leaf does a wonderful job with that as well. My son really enjoys going to Maple Leaf and it’s nice not having to worry about his safety and type of care he will receive. The staff treats him very well and for that I am grateful.


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