Getting The Most Out of Parent-Teaching Conferences

Getting The Most Out of Parent-Teaching Conferences

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Parent-teacher conferences are usually short meetings, so how do you get the most out of the concise talk?


Send an e-mail to the teacher at the beginning of the school year highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


Don’t become defense if something “unflattering but true” is said. Show the teacher you are partnering to help your child succeed.

See Their Work

Ask to see your child’s work. This will allow you to see where your child is progressing and where they may need a little extra help.


Ask the teacher to explain. Anything you are confused about, speak up and ask. Remember, you are doing this to help your child, so do not feel embarrassed.


Talk to your child about the conference. Let them know what was discussed and tell them you are proud of them doing their best in school.

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