Getting Your Kids Involved In Nature

Getting Your Kids Involved In Nature

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SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE / BRETT CRAWFORDRemember the days as children when we would play outside for hours, only to come home when mom called for dinner or when it was dark?

Today most of our children would rather sit in front of the television and zone out than go outside and run around. How boring right?

Here are a couple of ways to get your children up and out! It’s time to play!

  • Create a child-friendly backyard.
  • Give your child a place where they can display nature and what they find.
  • Provide your child with simple and fun tools to help them discover things! Kids love tools like a bug box, trowel, magnifier, etc.
  • Allow your children to explore parks and other natural areas. Let them decide which trails to take.
  • Encourage outside time. Take a walk to the library or the store instead of driving.
  • Take your child canoeing, kayaking or fishing. Use your natural resources as advantages to outdoor fun.
  • Rake a big pile of leaves together and let your kids jump in them.
  • For teens, build a campfire in your backyard. Set safety rules, and then allow your kid and their friends to hang out by the fire and talk. Keep an eye out for safety though.
  • Plan family camping trips. Invite your child’s friends to come along to make it more fun!
  • Build snow forts and snowmen during the winter time. Have snow fights.

Soon your children will love being outdoors!

These tips and more can be found at SparkPeople.

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