Burnt Hills / Glenville Maple Leaf Childcare Center

Burnt Hills/Glenville Child Care

MapleLeaf_0663-150x150Maple Leaf Glenville was opened in 2000 and is situated on Saratoga Road, otherwise known as Route 50. Route 50 is the gateway between Schenectady and Saratoga Springs. Our Glenville center is convenient for employees of General Electric and Glenville’s Armed Forces Reserve Center Military Base.

You can find natural materials and plants in every classroom, however our outdoor space is the highlight of our children’s day. As you walk out back you will see an oversized nature classroom pavilion and nature play spaces. In the pavilion you can find benches made of wood, child sized picnic tables, and art easels for projects. Children spend time out here discovering nature, engaging in art activities, enjoying their meals at the picnic tables, or tending to the gardens. Nature is one of Maple Leaf’s values and there sure is no shortage of nature here at this center.

As children and families enter this center they admire the photos of the previous days activities scrolling on a TV on the wall. School Age children who attend before and after school enjoy our school age classroom with a large dramatic play stage with real antiques for role playing and dancing.  All of Maple Leaf’s Centers have an open door policy; come enjoy lunch with your child in our pavilion and enjoy the outdoors!

Kerry, Director of the Glenville Child Care Center

Open 6:45am – 6pm

707 Saratoga Road
Burnt Hills, NY 12027
Phone: 518-384-1710

Fax: 518-384-2017

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