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The Club House @ Maple Leaf

MapleLeaf_0638-150x150The Clubhouse at Maple Leaf Childcare is in Parade Ground Village, located across from our Malta South Maple Leaf Center. This center is a convenient commute for employees from Global Foundries, State Farm, and is located right off exit 12 of the Adirondack Northway.

This program was created for children ages 5-12 years old. As you walk into the center your imagination will take over. A large stage with real antiques and props allows for children to role play, sing and dance. School age children can relax while they play board games, complete their homework, and use the wii. The clubhouse is open for a summer program, and is also open during the school year for holiday breaks.

Lunch and snack are served in the 50’s style retro diner with real booths, stools, and a large popcorn machine. The oversized art and science room is used for children’s interest projects and activities. Stop in and see our class guinea pig and our two turtles! Children love coming to the clubhouse because they can take the time before or after a long day at school to use their imagination and have fun.


Open 6:45am – 6pm

3 Hemphill Place
Malta, NY 12020

Phone: 518-899-4159
Fax: 518-899-6931

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