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What’s My Child Passionate About? Paying Attention To What Makes Kids ‘Tick’

Now that the gift-giving season is over, we’re sure you took some extra time to observe what exactly makes your child tick. Whether you got them the perfect gift that they have not put down since tearing off the wrapping paper or noticed the same effect from a gift given by another family member or friend, the holidays can give a lot of insight into the interests and passions of our children. What they hope for is what they love now, and may love in the future. And at Maple Leaf Childcare, we believe it’s important to foster those interests from an early age and teach children that exploring and living their passions is important not only for their brains, but also for their hearts.

Allowing kids to play and pursue their own interests on their own terms (within limits and consistent schedules, of course), your child will undoubtedly develop important and invaluable lifelong skills, such as group interaction, problem solving, planning, adjustment after failure, and even studying. For example, a child interested in space will naturally retain more information in their brains about the subject than the next child, regardless of equal access to that information in the first place. So, allowing a child to explore the topics and types of activities they show interest in can be a great way to teach them how to initiate learning and become more self-reflective as they grow.

Whether a child seems to be stuck on one thing or bounces around from one subject to the next, parents should keep lines of communication open for them to express what’s on their mind and why. Simple questions about how your child’s day was, who their friends are, and why they like certain things are great jumping-off points for opening up a conversation about particular passions and interests. If your child does not respond to these conversations at first, continue to test out the waters. Often times, kids take a moment to get their thoughts together on a subject, and should be trained to think up thoughtful responses to questions, from both other kids their age and adults. Otherwise, simply observe them. Watch what they tend to do and pay attention to on a regular basis, and you’ll discover plenty about what makes their interests peak.

At Maple Leaf Childcare, we’re here to help your child grow and learn with quality services at affordable prices for today’s parents.


Newborns And Their ‘Newborn’ Parents: Taking on Parenting with Maple Leaf Childcare

Are you new to raising a little one? First, congratulations on the fresh and wondrous addition to your family! Our team of expert childcare professionals at Maple Leaf Childcare love to hear when beautiful little thinkers and doers come into the world, ready to explore. We also love to see families grow and change over the years, as children come in and out of our childcare center.

If you’re a brand new parent, the initial life change involved in welcoming a newborn is often jarring enough to cause a full range of emotions, from nerves and edgy irritability to pure joy and admiration. As you embark on the journey of becoming a parent and developing your own opinions and methods of how to raise your child, the first things to make sure you have set is a support system. Whether it’s family, lifelong friends, or fellow mothers and fathers you’ve met along the way, having people who not only are aware of the chagnes you’re going through, but are also sympathetic of how those changes may affect your ability to be present and engaging, is very important. It can feel difficult to play roles aside from ‘mother’, ‘father’, or ‘partner’ in the first few months of raising a child, so your support system is often the core reason new parents manage to keep their heads above water and their emotions in check.

If you’re worried about the basics, look no further. At Maple Leaf Childcare, our specialty lies in keeping your child safe, healthy, and always learning and growing in the process. If you’re a working parent or would like the support of childcare professionals during your parenting journey, be sure to contact our staff to inquire about our services and see how we can best serve you and your family’s needs. After all, we believe the needs of your child and their opportunity to develop take precedence.

When it comes to feeding and changing your baby, there are a few basic rules of thumb to live by. Feed and change them every two to three hours, as their stomachs and skin are highly sensitive in the first few months of life and their constantly growing bodies will require a lot of nourishment to keep up. You can begin to space out feeding times once your child regains their birth weight and continues to stretch out. Consult our professionals or your local healthcare professional about what types of foods are best to feed your child and at what stage in their development.

Ready to take on the wonderful challenge of becoming a parent along with our team at Maple Leaf Childcare? We’d love to walk with you on your journey. Give our team a call today to learn more about what we offer and how we function. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your little one.

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