Maple Leaf Childcare - family owned and operated.

Since 1988 Maple Leaf Childcare Center has been family owned and operated, giving children ages six weeks through twelve years the foundation they need to build self-esteem and become life long learners.

Linda and John Moran began their operation in Guilderland, New York, with a licensed home-based center that quickly expanded to the Carman Rd child care facility in Guilderland, then licensed for forty-one children, and have now expanded to seven centers and a total license capacity of eight hundred and thirty-two children.

Linda and John, along with their two children John and Katie each share an active role in the daily day to day operation of each childcare center. Linda serves as Executive Director and John as the financial and maintenance director. 

Who does Maple Leaf Childcare hire to teach and care for your children?

Our teachers are caregivers who have the ability to nurture young children and provide a high-quality child care environment that allows for children to feel the safety and security needed for optimum development.

The selection of teachers and teaching assistants is based on educational qualifications, childcare experience, and most of all the ability to nurture children. All employees have undergone a thorough interview process, including a complete background and fingerprint check from NYS, three verbal and three written references, and a medical exam.

Meet Our Directors at Maple Leaf Childcare


Regional Director


Regional Director

Behind the Scenes

With six different locations, keeping up with Maple Leaf’s buildings and properties is an important job to ensure the safety and quality that we strive for daily. Our Behind the Scenes staff consists of John & Linda’s son, John who handles our H.R., Bookkeeping, Vendor management, and I.T. duties. Along with Tom who builds all of our Cabins, Pavilions and any other unique structures you’ll see around our centers. Together they all handle all the maintenance tasks on a weekly basis at all locations.

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